Hey! I hope you liked my poem/song. I gotta bunch in my song book. Well, this is my last page in my diary!! I was reading some of my old entries from the beginning of the year. Wow, did I have some crazy time. So much stuff happened. And now I’m off to the big 8th grade. I rule the school!! LOL I’m very excited. I really want to make this an amazing year. I know it will be.

Well my dear 7th grade diary, as I’m filling you in on these final lines, I wanna say I’m glad to have you for sharing all that I went through. Woa, I sound like I’m talking to a book. LOL well, I’m running out of space, but I am starting a new diary for 8th grade. Soooo goodbye!

LYL TTYL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Hey I know it’s been almost 3 months since I last wrote (sorry!) I’m am gonna start a new year book dedicated to my 8th grade year at Holy Cross! I want to remember it all, and I promise to write almost every day. LOL

Well, the lazy days of summer are drifting by. Nothing really is going on. Footloose is going great! (I’ll write about Footloose later)

But anyway as you know, Allen and me have been well, “over”. Well, he did wanna go out with me again. But I said no, I do have a little thing called self-respect! I just wanna BF to hang with and talk about stuff. Yea, rite, like I’ll every find a guy like that. Well, I started to think that Allen is a total jerk (well he is), but for some odd reason, I can’t stop thinking about him. I wouldn’t call it love, but there’s something. No matter how hard I try to hate him, I can’t. I know I’m ridiculously dumb when I say this because I’m so young, but I feel lonely sometimes. Yeah it sounds dumb I know, but I get lonely. Maybe this very minute he’s wishing we could be together. There’s always maybes, but I wish I knew the truth.

Wow I feel a lot better now. Well I’m gonna go to bed, nite.

PS This is my last entry in my 7th grade diary, I’ll start my new one soon. xoxoxo

I hate you but I love you!!!!


Hey. Today is my brother’s birthday. I got him a really funny card!

OMG, I HATE Ethan. He was making fun of me because I like track and because I get good grades. He calls me “perfect”, no one is perfect. But he’s too dumb to know that. Well, today I stayed in for recess and lunch to work on my dance for “All That Jazz”. The dance looks awesome! I can’t wait to perform it in front of everyone.

Well, while my friends were eating lunch, I heard that Melissa started to cry. Now she knows how it feels to be left out, but I have to admit that I do feel bad for her. That’s life for her. Well I gotta do homework. Rite later.


Hey! Marie just left my house. We went to Gems and hung out there. I’m going to a pick-up volleyball game at 5:00, and it’s 4:15 right now. I gotta go to Petco first to get Lightning’s dog food with mom. I’ll rite later. Love you lots! ❤

Later: whew, what a weekend! I am bushed. I have this weekend ritual, where on every Sunday I take a loooong shwer. I really pamper myself. It makes me feel confident for the coming week. Poppy came over later to help out with my room. Tomorrow the curtains get put in. My room it too cool, I can’t even describe it!

Here’s other things you should know about me:

1.) I am Roman Catholic (sorry my other pen ran outta ink)

2.) I like to meditate and find inner peace

3.) My birthday is 1/19/92

That’s some more stuff. If I can think of anything else, I’ll fill you in. God, Rachel wants to go back out with Nate! Seriously, I can’t stand him. Plus, he treated Rachel badly. Well, I gotta go to bed, LYL ❤ By the way: I TOTALLY 4got to tell you that our new Pope is Pope Benedict XVI ( real name: Joseph Ratzinger from Germany)


This day has been bad & good. It’s been good because Melissa wasn’t here 4 recess or lunch! And because I did *major* flirting with Cameron! It was bad because I’m not allowed 2 go 2 the O’Hara fair tomorrow. This has been the worst day ever!!! I hate this!

Well anyway, I got tests back all above 95, so that was good. Oh yea, we all talked about mean things Melissa’s done to us! Then we had music (I had to dance with Simon, ewwwww). Then I had track practice where we found out that our minor relay got qualified for Areas! Yay!! And now, I’m home, in my purple room, listening to Q102.

Ready or not, cuz here I come….


Hey Diary. I’m in my room here figuring out the next 17 measures of the Star Spangled Banner. But right now I’m just strumming the guitar and jamming to Green Day. I have a stomach ache, so I feel pretty crappy. Today was kinda boring. Had gym, and me and Bree did gymnastics! What a blast. We were also playing dodgeball and Allen got his glasses knocked off by a really hard hit! LOL.

Well Marie is going to the Knights of Columbus St. Patty’s Day party with Melissa. I mean Melissa makes her lans so obvious. I hate it! None of the boys like. They talk about her a lot. I can also tell Sara and them don’t like her cuz she thinks she’s sooo funny, but really not! You are not funny!!

Jack will not leave me alone! I mean, he’s nice and all but I don’t see a future with us. And today Brian called me sexy online! Ewwwwww gross! And he’s always like did Allen and you go to second? Jeez, boys are super complicated. Well GTG cya.

When u feel like yur alone, yur not

P.S. OMG I hate BOIZ! Well, Liam told my friend that he only got with her 2 get some…. (ya know what I mean!). How rude! We girls are NOT some kind of trophy to be won so boiz can show us off in front of their friends! : ( I’m too pissed to write.

R E S P E C T – That is what it means to me (this means u boiz!)