Hey diary, I’m dead tired, but I feel like writing. I just got back from Footloose at Prendie. It was extremely frustrating. Let’s Hear It For The Boy was a mess, I was so mad at everybody. UGghhh. So I’m all sweaty and tired and we were stuck there for like another hour going over stuff. BORING. Well, that’s how a play goes. Today was a memorable day, because a.) it’s Andrew’s birthday! YAY. and b.) The new Green Day video (and my fav song) Wake Me Up When September Ends was released today! Sweet, sweet victory! The video was about these two teens who are deeply in love, but the boy goes off to war and does. It was AMAZING. I mean, c’mon, you can’t get a better plot than that.

Oh yea, I took like 10 quizzes online and… the band I’m most like is Green Day. I’m most like Billie Joe (Sweet with a capital S!), and I’m a tru punk. Tru, tru. A punk, that’s me. All that cliquey stuff is such crap. Following the trends is so 5 years ago. LOL. Even if I don’t look like it, I am one at heart.

Ok I’m half asleep, so good-day and good-night!

I love you…. words cannot describe it. The feeling can.