Hey! Today we had May Procession. The 8th grade girls looked beautiful! I can’t believe next year I’m graduating, Me, Camille, am graduating!! I feel a tear coming LOL.

Well after May Processions, the girls went to Gems. The boys were at Ryan’s house, and we asked if they wanted to come with us. They said no, but 30 mins later they came. Someone asked Cameron if he would kiss me and he said no! I think he said no cuz his friends were around him. I was a little disappointed, but I’m fine.

OMG at the end of the year, the whole 7th grade class is going to a Camden River Sharks baseball game. I’m sooo excited. What a good way to end the year. There’s going to be a buffet and everything!

Well I’m off to bed, LYL ❤


Hey, just got home from school. We had a substitute, we all switched our seats so we could sit with our friends. Yesterday, I went up to the track and ran for awhile. Then we ate dinner at Paneras. It was very good.

OMG, Tara is such a B! One day she’s my friend and all, then the next thing you know, she’s friends with someone else. She thinks the whole world revolves around her. Tara this, Tara that! Today she was like “Marie call me after school, I gotta talk to you”. Right in front of me! I just can’t stand her. Dude, this Friday night I gotta get with Cameron. Well I got HW, write later.


Hey! Knights of Columbus was a blast! I was at the track for 8 hours. What a tiring day. I ran the minor 800 medley and the cadet 4×100. After that, Cara came over. Maria and Sarah went over to Cameron’s. My mom wouldn’t let me go 😦 Marie hooked up with John! He’s hooked up with like everyone man. Well, me and Cara went over my aunt’s house for awhile.

OMG, on Friday night, we hung around HCS and Cameron wanted to hook up with me! I didn’t though cuz my mom came early to pick me up 😦 I was soooo mad. I think he likes me. I hope he does. Oh yea, Melissa called Danielle’s cell and like invited herself to come with us. Marie got really upset and cried. I felt so bad for her! She thinks that the Springfield moms talk about her cuz she’s mad at Marie. Marie is so nice, she’s only defending herself.

Well today, I went to mass and then I went to the boys baseball game with the girls (they lost again). I get really quiet around some of the girls, I don’t know what to say and I stutter. I hope I can break the habit of being shy. I can be outgoing, but not all the time. I worry too much about what people think of me.

Tomorrow, my mom is going on a business trip. She’s going to see The Killers in concert!!! Lucky! I gave her my CD of them. Well, going to bed. LYL


Friday the 13th uuugghhh

Actually, this day hasn’t been that bad. After school, I went to Gems with the girls. They we met up with Carolyn and Brielle and we went to the boys baseball game against Francis. When we were at Gems, we saw Cara and Melissa! Surprise, surprise! LOL.

I haven’t talked to you in awhile. Nothing much has been going on. Marie is pretty much in the “popular” group, but I’m hanging in there. Lately, I’ve been really body conscious ’cause bikini season is coming up, and I’m trying to cut back on junk food.

The last HCS dance is tonight! We’re debating whether we want to go. But the boys like never come to them! It pisses me off (still like Cameron). But so does Sarah. So I think he’ll go out with her, instead. I don’t really care.

Oh yea, the girls and boys team came 2nd in Division! Pius X beat us, but they have like 60 something girls on their team, and we only have 23! That’s amazing. I also qualified for Areas, I’m 10th place for the 200 and 15th place for the 100 (ewwww that’s not good!!) Tomorrow is Knights of Columbus, so I won’t be home all day. Can’t wait. Well, I’m gonna practice guitar, bye!


10:30 in the morning! It’s unheard of to be awake at 10:30 on a Saturday! Well, I really woke up at 7:30 because I had a meet at Ridley High School. But it was raining when we got there, so it was called off. Then I went over Cate’s for about an hour cuz our mom’s wanted to talk over coffee. Cate read some of her diary entries from 6th grade and they were hilarious! Like, the time Nate asked me out, and all of this other funny stuff! We had good times.

Later at 9:46PM

Hey! What’s up? It’s pouring outside! I love it when it rains. I love to hear the soft “pit pat” of the rain as it knocks on my window. Well, the rest of the day was uneventful. I organized some family pictures and put them in boxes. Wow, was I a cute and chubby kid! Then I went online for awhile. Bill says Tommy likes me, but I don’t think so. I mean, Tommy’s cool and all (he’s actually very smart and not like a jerk like the other boiz in my class), but he’s not my type. He’s one of my best guy friends. Then Marie called and we talked for awhile. My brother had his friend over and they were being such asses and they kicked me off of the computer!

Since it hasn’t stopped raining, we didn’t go out 2nite. By the way, the boys boycotted us! They’re refusing to hang out with us. I hope ❤ Cameron ❤ doesn’t boycott us. Well that’s pretty much all.

Hot Guy List:

1.) Cameron

2.) Chris Underwood from my fav show Zoey 101

3.) Both of the twins in my class

4.) That guy from Unfabulous, I forget his name but he plays Zach

What to look for in a guy:

1.) Funny

2.) Romantic

3.) Athletic

4.) Eyes

5.) Somewhat smart


HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY! ERIN GO BRAUGH! Haha. What an awesome day! I had a blast (even though I’m 25% Irish). LOL Well today, everyone’s Irish!

Well Cara and Melissa did step-dancing for us. I never realized how complicated it was! They tried to teach me it, but I failed miserably. They’re both very good, Cara has really improved. Well anyway, on Tuesday I had dance, ballet and jazz. Our dance looks awesome, and I love my jazz dance especially! On Wed, I had track. What a HARD practice. Our coach is good and most of the novices are fast.

Today was the best day ever (aside from St. Patty’s Day). My room FINALLY got painted, and it looks awesome! It’s a periwinkle with a hint of purple. I cannot wait to move into it!

Track practice was easy, so that was good. OMG I can’t wait for tomorrow! Instead of going 2 the dance, we’re going to see GREASE for Tara’s bday. Then we’re sleepin over her house. I cannot wait!

Well I’m having some problems. I’m trying 2 find out who and what I am. I mean, IDK if I’m an athlete, brain, musician…. I mean I don’t want to be one of those girls wasted on guys, then be waster in high school. I actually wanna make a difference, like in the environment, Some think it’s corny, but I would luv to save whales or do something involved with animals. Oh well, I’ll c where the path of life takes me…


Sorry, I haven’t been keeping you up-to-date. Here’s a recap of the weekend… Friday I wen to see Godspell at O’Hara. It was awesome and soooo funny! Oh yeah, during the school day, me and Melissa had a little fight at lunch. I’m sorry but I was just really annoyed at her. But she wrote me a note saying she was sorry, but now we’re cool!

Saturday, stayed home the entire day cleaning out my room so I can move into my new room! The painter is coming Wednesday! My new room will be so awesome! Today I went to my favorite fabric store with my mom to check out, well, fabrics! We’re also getting the living room done, so we check out fabrics for that, too. It was pretty boring, but I love looking at all of the different designs. Besides, I want to be a room designer when I grow up (aside from singing). Then we gave Lightning a bath! He’s sooo cute in the water.

I did not get to see Allen ONCE the entire weekend!! 😦 I’m so mad. Jack is scaring me now! He says he can’t stop thinking about me and daydreaming about me! I feel so bad. IDK if it’ll work out for me and him. I’m torn between Allen and Jack, 2 awesome guys. And my friends are no help either. I don’t know what to do. I’m really tired, gonna hit the hay. ‘Nite, sweet dreams. LYL

No one ever said life would be easy. No one ever said love would be easy, too.