This day has been bad & good. It’s been good because Melissa wasn’t here 4 recess or lunch! And because I did *major* flirting with Cameron! It was bad because I’m not allowed 2 go 2 the O’Hara fair tomorrow. This has been the worst day ever!!! I hate this!

Well anyway, I got tests back all above 95, so that was good. Oh yea, we all talked about mean things Melissa’s done to us! Then we had music (I had to dance with Simon, ewwwww). Then I had track practice where we found out that our minor relay got qualified for Areas! Yay!! And now, I’m home, in my purple room, listening to Q102.

Ready or not, cuz here I come….


Oh yea, I totally forgot to tell you I made to Penn Relays! I was the first leg of the team. We came in 11th out of 108 schools! We didn’t quality o go back on Friday, but the boys senior team and the girls junior team did! We are so happy! It was such a great experience, and I’m glad I was a part of it!

I hope I make the team next year. Track is my life, and I wanna run for as long as I can. Today at practice I got a blue ribbon! Total, I have maybe more than 30 ribbons and 5 medals. This has been an awesome year. We were champions in football and boys basketball, 2nd in JV and V cheerleading. We were Division Champs last year, too. If my grandkids ever read this, I want them to know that track was my life and I hope that they run too!

By the way, I think I like Cameron! He has these chocolatey brown eyes you melt in! Ahhh, talking about him is like heaven!

10 Things I want people to know about me…

1.) My favorite band is Green Day

2.) I play field hockey, cheerleading, track, volleyball, ice skating and I take ballet and jazz, and I absolutely love hockey and football.

3.) I sing (All That Jazz is my favorite song)

4.) I’m an honor student

5.) I want to do something that will help the environment

6.) God comes first in my life

7.) I play guitar

8.) I’m boy crazy!

9.) Family is important to me

10.) I’m a reliable friend!


Hey, I haven’t talked 2 you 4ever! It’s been pretty hectic as you can tell. Today, I served mass and saw Annie at St. Francis. It was awesome.

Well, let me fill ya in on what’s been going on. Allen (that jerk) dumped me, then called me to say he wanted to get back together! As if! He’s a jerk and I don’t know what I saw in him. Melissa and Marie are in a HUGE fight, and it’s heaven with them like this! Of course, Marie got mad at Melissa (no one likes her I swear it)! I’m kinda sad that they’re throwing away their memories and stuff, but who cares? Melissa, you used to think you were so cool, but now you’re unpopular! I don’t even like her!

Oh yea, spring break was DA BOMB. It was a blast! So much fun stuff happened, I can’t even say! Whew, good times. Well, GTG bye! ❤


Hahaha, Lightning just came in the room with his chewy! I love that Yorkie. Well, all of my belongings are packed up in several boxes. Nothing is left on the wall, and my room is so bare and empty. The painter is coming on Wednesday. So finally I’ll be able 2 move into my new room! Finally! It will be periwinkle with lime green and hot pink contrast. How cool is that? Plus I’ll have the old computer! Score! I cannot wait!

Well today was eventful. As usual, the day started off with Aaron cursing everyone off. Then I find out that Melissa is doing Irish step dancing with Marie. I’m happy 4 them. I wish I knew someone who did pointe. That’d be awesome. Oh well.

At recess, I hung out with Tara and Sarah, and we talked about my Jack “problem”. After school, I was online. Then I hung out with Jack and Tom after guitar! IDK what possessed me to do that! Jack is a really cool guy. Tom is just plain weird. Then I had choir where I told the girls about my afternoon. OMG, on Friday Tara is having her sleepover!! I can’t wait. It’s after the dance, so hopefully the boys will come. They didn’t come to the last dance, cuz they’re too “cool” to come.

I REALLY need to talk to Allen! Badly! I’m so confused about our relationship. We need 2 work it out. Yawn. Tired. Sweet dreams.

Don’t mess with chicks and their guitars, they might hit you with it!


Hey, woa did I have a busy day! Well today during math (by the way, Mrs. Johnson is pregnant can you believe it?!), Sister Mary came on the PA system, which was highly unusual. Right away, we knew there was trouble. Well, what she told us was how the teasing of others will not be tolerated at a Catholic School! O man, was she pissed! I hate her with a burning passion! IDC if she’s a nun. And then at lunch, some lady came to talk about a scholarship. So far, I’m eligible to take the exam. I hope I’ll win if I take it, but it’s super tough.

Then at music, we found out we’re doing Grease for the school show! Awesome, I ❤ Grease! But the boys don’t wanna sing it, they suck! After school, Liz came over and tutored me in math. I’m glad she helps me, she’s a good teacher. Then I had track (where I found out Kaitlyn went to second base!).

I think I’ll have a good year for track, I’ve really improved. Hopefully I’ll make it to the Penn Relays. Last year I was an alternate. Oh well, that’s still good.

Tomorrow nite, I’m supposed to see Godspell at O’Hara, but I don’t wanna. Cuz I think my friends are going out and I wanna hang out with Allen sooooo bad!! I’ll figure out some way of getting outta it. Oh well, we’ll see where the day goes. If I don’t go to the play, I’ll hang out with Kaitlyn and them. Oh well, tired, c u 2morrow!


On the phone with Becky chillin’ to Q102. I’m gonna be in the St. Patty’s parade this Saturday! Ha, take that Melissa. LOL.

Marie’s getting a dog today, a cocker spaniel. She already has two but they live with her dad. And a cat. OMG she’s so excited.

Later – track was sooo tough, I’m so dead. But I got a shower and feel refreshed. Melissa brags about her plans in front of me on purpose and to make me feel jealous, but actually it’s really annoying! OMG, I’m about to scream. Well anyway. I’m so stressed! Monday – guitar and singing lessons followed by choir. Tuesday – dance (practicing for recital, the theme is Fun Under the Sun). Wednesday – track. Thursday – track. And I have to worry bout homework, school, grades and chores! Oh yea, on Saturday I have ice skating and track meets. Plus I have to keep up with friends. It’s so stressful. Somehow I’ll make it through. Well tired, I’m gonna hit the hay. HAVE NO REGRETS.


Hey Diary. I’m in my room here figuring out the next 17 measures of the Star Spangled Banner. But right now I’m just strumming the guitar and jamming to Green Day. I have a stomach ache, so I feel pretty crappy. Today was kinda boring. Had gym, and me and Bree did gymnastics! What a blast. We were also playing dodgeball and Allen got his glasses knocked off by a really hard hit! LOL.

Well Marie is going to the Knights of Columbus St. Patty’s Day party with Melissa. I mean Melissa makes her lans so obvious. I hate it! None of the boys like. They talk about her a lot. I can also tell Sara and them don’t like her cuz she thinks she’s sooo funny, but really not! You are not funny!!

Jack will not leave me alone! I mean, he’s nice and all but I don’t see a future with us. And today Brian called me sexy online! Ewwwwww gross! And he’s always like did Allen and you go to second? Jeez, boys are super complicated. Well GTG cya.

When u feel like yur alone, yur not

P.S. OMG I hate BOIZ! Well, Liam told my friend that he only got with her 2 get some…. (ya know what I mean!). How rude! We girls are NOT some kind of trophy to be won so boiz can show us off in front of their friends! : ( I’m too pissed to write.

R E S P E C T – That is what it means to me (this means u boiz!)


Hey Diary, whaz up? Camille here. Well, I got some issues goin’ on. One of my BFF’s (Marie) h/u with this kid Drew for 37 secs! (That’s more than me and Allen!) OMG let me tell you about Allen. He’s like 5ft 6in and he’s one of the best bball players on the bball team. Can you say total jock?! Well anyway, he’s really sweet to.

Back to Marie. Well, her BFF and one of my BFFs (Melissa) is afraid she’ll hang out with the more popular girls. I don’t think so. I mean, those 2 are MADE for each other. I mean it gets annoying when they tell each other secrets then giggle but oh well. Melisa over-exaggerates A LOT. Well my BFF Cara is awesome. But at recess I like never see her ’cause she’s always talking to Marie about Irish step dancing. I feel kinda left out.

OMG my bday party was AWESOME. It was on a boat and we danced and sang, and had a blast! Good times. I got the Green Day CD and a book of quotes.

I’m super tired! Today, I had guitar and singing lessons, and tomorrow I have dance! UGH! Then track! O well. SOOO tired, gonna hit the hay, nite!

I luv Allen like a whale luvs the ocean – it can’t live without each other.

I’m exposing my diary…

Welcome to my new writing space – Exposing My Diary. On this website, I’m revisiting my multiple diaries and poetry books from grade school through high school. Writing them here word for word (for the most part), I’ll be sharing my most innermost 12-year-old thoughts.

Why am I exposing my childhood diary? Simply enough, one day I just felt like it. I wanted to explore the past (at the risk of becoming nostalgic) and my old writings. It’s going to get awkward. It’s going to get cringey (and I simply can’t emphasize this enough). Everything here will be written down word for word, and names will be changed.

Join me in this awkward exploration of first heartbreaks, ~emo~ poetry, mean girls, self-doubt and discovery.