Hey! It’s me, Camille again. I’m so glad I get to start a new diary. I have so much to tell. Well, school is starting again soon, so on Sunday we had our first volleyball practice. My overhand serve is goin pretty well. But sometimes I can be a bit of a ball hogger. I’ll break outta that habit hopefully. So anyway, we had practice with the 7th grade girls. Ewww, they are so cocky! And they suck at volleyball.

Argh ok so let me move on. Today, a bunch of us went to Scerinos for lunch. Tom was supposed to bring his hot cuz, but he didn’t 😦 so sad. After that we left, and Rachel and Tara got lost, while Becky and me walked home. Then we went to Tara’s house and made s’mores. Yummy. Rachel, however, was being so rude making a mess and telling us to “shut up” every 5 seconds. She really pisses me off! Everything has to go her way all of the time.

Anyway, I went home and went to Footloose. Rachel and Becky got in this stupid fight. Rachel was dragging me into the bathroom every 5 minutes to tell me how much she hated Becky. It was so dumb. But practice was good anyway. I have crushes on two guys from the play – Joe and Andrew – talk about hot! So that was my fine day.

Oh ya, Brianna and I went to Ocean City (oh yea!) on Saturday and Sunday. Wow it was amazing. We were walking back from the deli and on the sidewalk is a stick of margarine. Talk about random! So Brianna goes, “Look a stick of margarine!” So she kicks it and it splats EVERYWHERE. So funny, good times.

Ok I’m about to change the subject completely. But something’s happened to me that hasn’t happened for awhile. I’m happy. Yep, I said it. Yea, I haven’t been hanging out with the popular crowd lately. I’ve been hanging out with my real friends. There was a point this year where all that I cared about was being popular. But that is so fake. I like who my friends are and I’m happy. Popularity isn’t everything. It just creates drama. It’s so cliquey. Well I’m off to bed. Busy day tomorrow. G’NIGHT.

Isn’t it ironic?

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