Sweet Summertime

A poem by me, Camille

By day, we hung out by the pool

By nite, we roamed the streets which we ruled

Days were lazy, nites were crazy

Just walkin’ around with nothing to do

Boys being jerks, shouting “Screw You!”

Girls having their usual boy craze

Ah, those sweet summertime days

Talk about something, talk about nothing

People thinking they were cool, when they were just bluffin

Catching the sun, making a run

Just chillin’ out, never a doubt

Cannonbals and bellyflops

To us, the fun would never stop

So sweet, so fine

Summer was mine

Ah, those sweet summertime days

Relaxing in the sunny rays

Love grew, we knew it was true

You can feel it in the air

There’s just not a care

So laid-back, that was our style

Being with you made it worth my while

We would whine “I don’t wanna go back to school!”

We wanted to stay here, that’s where we felt cool

The summer days are numbered, they’re drifting by

How quickly time flies

So-long warm sunny rays

Goodbye sweet summertime days

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