Hey. What’s up? Guess what?! I have Areas tomorrow! I’m so nervous. I was telling Cameron about it online and he said “Don’t mess up”. Haha, he’s a cool guy.

I’ve really had it with Ethan! He is sooo mean and obnoxious. What a jerk. I really don’t feel like talking about him though.

I got a 100 on my Social Studies test today, so that was good. It’s so rainy today. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Rainy weather is not very good to run in.

You know what I was thinking? I wonder if my diary will be discovered in like 100 years or something. People would know what life in 2005 was like. Maybe they would publish a book about me! Haha I highly doubt it. But that would be pretty neat.

Recently, I’ve been interested in the sisterhood. After mass sometimes, I really feel the need to serve God. I wanna have children though, I know I’m only 13 but even the youngest of children can serve God. I just hope I don’t become too stressed about this situation. Well it’s dinner. I’ll write l8er ❤

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