Hey! I hope you liked my poem/song. I gotta bunch in my song book. Well, this is my last page in my diary!! I was reading some of my old entries from the beginning of the year. Wow, did I have some crazy time. So much stuff happened. And now I’m off to the big 8th grade. I rule the school!! LOL I’m very excited. I really want to make this an amazing year. I know it will be.

Well my dear 7th grade diary, as I’m filling you in on these final lines, I wanna say I’m glad to have you for sharing all that I went through. Woa, I sound like I’m talking to a book. LOL well, I’m running out of space, but I am starting a new diary for 8th grade. Soooo goodbye!

LYL TTYL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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