Oh yea, I totally forgot to tell you I made to Penn Relays! I was the first leg of the team. We came in 11th out of 108 schools! We didn’t quality o go back on Friday, but the boys senior team and the girls junior team did! We are so happy! It was such a great experience, and I’m glad I was a part of it!

I hope I make the team next year. Track is my life, and I wanna run for as long as I can. Today at practice I got a blue ribbon! Total, I have maybe more than 30 ribbons and 5 medals. This has been an awesome year. We were champions in football and boys basketball, 2nd in JV and V cheerleading. We were Division Champs last year, too. If my grandkids ever read this, I want them to know that track was my life and I hope that they run too!

By the way, I think I like Cameron! He has these chocolatey brown eyes you melt in! Ahhh, talking about him is like heaven!

10 Things I want people to know about me…

1.) My favorite band is Green Day

2.) I play field hockey, cheerleading, track, volleyball, ice skating and I take ballet and jazz, and I absolutely love hockey and football.

3.) I sing (All That Jazz is my favorite song)

4.) I’m an honor student

5.) I want to do something that will help the environment

6.) God comes first in my life

7.) I play guitar

8.) I’m boy crazy!

9.) Family is important to me

10.) I’m a reliable friend!

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