HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY! ERIN GO BRAUGH! Haha. What an awesome day! I had a blast (even though I’m 25% Irish). LOL Well today, everyone’s Irish!

Well Cara and Melissa did step-dancing for us. I never realized how complicated it was! They tried to teach me it, but I failed miserably. They’re both very good, Cara has really improved. Well anyway, on Tuesday I had dance, ballet and jazz. Our dance looks awesome, and I love my jazz dance especially! On Wed, I had track. What a HARD practice. Our coach is good and most of the novices are fast.

Today was the best day ever (aside from St. Patty’s Day). My room FINALLY got painted, and it looks awesome! It’s a periwinkle with a hint of purple. I cannot wait to move into it!

Track practice was easy, so that was good. OMG I can’t wait for tomorrow! Instead of going 2 the dance, we’re going to see GREASE for Tara’s bday. Then we’re sleepin over her house. I cannot wait!

Well I’m having some problems. I’m trying 2 find out who and what I am. I mean, IDK if I’m an athlete, brain, musician…. I mean I don’t want to be one of those girls wasted on guys, then be waster in high school. I actually wanna make a difference, like in the environment, Some think it’s corny, but I would luv to save whales or do something involved with animals. Oh well, I’ll c where the path of life takes me…

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