Hahaha, Lightning just came in the room with his chewy! I love that Yorkie. Well, all of my belongings are packed up in several boxes. Nothing is left on the wall, and my room is so bare and empty. The painter is coming on Wednesday. So finally I’ll be able 2 move into my new room! Finally! It will be periwinkle with lime green and hot pink contrast. How cool is that? Plus I’ll have the old computer! Score! I cannot wait!

Well today was eventful. As usual, the day started off with Aaron cursing everyone off. Then I find out that Melissa is doing Irish step dancing with Marie. I’m happy 4 them. I wish I knew someone who did pointe. That’d be awesome. Oh well.

At recess, I hung out with Tara and Sarah, and we talked about my Jack “problem”. After school, I was online. Then I hung out with Jack and Tom after guitar! IDK what possessed me to do that! Jack is a really cool guy. Tom is just plain weird. Then I had choir where I told the girls about my afternoon. OMG, on Friday Tara is having her sleepover!! I can’t wait. It’s after the dance, so hopefully the boys will come. They didn’t come to the last dance, cuz they’re too “cool” to come.

I REALLY need to talk to Allen! Badly! I’m so confused about our relationship. We need 2 work it out. Yawn. Tired. Sweet dreams.

Don’t mess with chicks and their guitars, they might hit you with it!

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