On the phone with Becky chillin’ to Q102. I’m gonna be in the St. Patty’s parade this Saturday! Ha, take that Melissa. LOL.

Marie’s getting a dog today, a cocker spaniel. She already has two but they live with her dad. And a cat. OMG she’s so excited.

Later – track was sooo tough, I’m so dead. But I got a shower and feel refreshed. Melissa brags about her plans in front of me on purpose and to make me feel jealous, but actually it’s really annoying! OMG, I’m about to scream. Well anyway. I’m so stressed! Monday – guitar and singing lessons followed by choir. Tuesday – dance (practicing for recital, the theme is Fun Under the Sun). Wednesday – track. Thursday – track. And I have to worry bout homework, school, grades and chores! Oh yea, on Saturday I have ice skating and track meets. Plus I have to keep up with friends. It’s so stressful. Somehow I’ll make it through. Well tired, I’m gonna hit the hay. HAVE NO REGRETS.

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