Hey Diary. I’m in my room here figuring out the next 17 measures of the Star Spangled Banner. But right now I’m just strumming the guitar and jamming to Green Day. I have a stomach ache, so I feel pretty crappy. Today was kinda boring. Had gym, and me and Bree did gymnastics! What a blast. We were also playing dodgeball and Allen got his glasses knocked off by a really hard hit! LOL.

Well Marie is going to the Knights of Columbus St. Patty’s Day party with Melissa. I mean Melissa makes her lans so obvious. I hate it! None of the boys like. They talk about her a lot. I can also tell Sara and them don’t like her cuz she thinks she’s sooo funny, but really not! You are not funny!!

Jack will not leave me alone! I mean, he’s nice and all but I don’t see a future with us. And today Brian called me sexy online! Ewwwwww gross! And he’s always like did Allen and you go to second? Jeez, boys are super complicated. Well GTG cya.

When u feel like yur alone, yur not

P.S. OMG I hate BOIZ! Well, Liam told my friend that he only got with her 2 get some…. (ya know what I mean!). How rude! We girls are NOT some kind of trophy to be won so boiz can show us off in front of their friends! : ( I’m too pissed to write.

R E S P E C T – That is what it means to me (this means u boiz!)

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