Hey, woa did I have a busy day! Well today during math (by the way, Mrs. Johnson is pregnant can you believe it?!), Sister Mary came on the PA system, which was highly unusual. Right away, we knew there was trouble. Well, what she told us was how the teasing of others will not be tolerated at a Catholic School! O man, was she pissed! I hate her with a burning passion! IDC if she’s a nun. And then at lunch, some lady came to talk about a scholarship. So far, I’m eligible to take the exam. I hope I’ll win if I take it, but it’s super tough.

Then at music, we found out we’re doing Grease for the school show! Awesome, I ❤ Grease! But the boys don’t wanna sing it, they suck! After school, Liz came over and tutored me in math. I’m glad she helps me, she’s a good teacher. Then I had track (where I found out Kaitlyn went to second base!).

I think I’ll have a good year for track, I’ve really improved. Hopefully I’ll make it to the Penn Relays. Last year I was an alternate. Oh well, that’s still good.

Tomorrow nite, I’m supposed to see Godspell at O’Hara, but I don’t wanna. Cuz I think my friends are going out and I wanna hang out with Allen sooooo bad!! I’ll figure out some way of getting outta it. Oh well, we’ll see where the day goes. If I don’t go to the play, I’ll hang out with Kaitlyn and them. Oh well, tired, c u 2morrow!

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