Hey Diary, whaz up? Camille here. Well, I got some issues goin’ on. One of my BFF’s (Marie) h/u with this kid Drew for 37 secs! (That’s more than me and Allen!) OMG let me tell you about Allen. He’s like 5ft 6in and he’s one of the best bball players on the bball team. Can you say total jock?! Well anyway, he’s really sweet to.

Back to Marie. Well, her BFF and one of my BFFs (Melissa) is afraid she’ll hang out with the more popular girls. I don’t think so. I mean, those 2 are MADE for each other. I mean it gets annoying when they tell each other secrets then giggle but oh well. Melisa over-exaggerates A LOT. Well my BFF Cara is awesome. But at recess I like never see her ’cause she’s always talking to Marie about Irish step dancing. I feel kinda left out.

OMG my bday party was AWESOME. It was on a boat and we danced and sang, and had a blast! Good times. I got the Green Day CD and a book of quotes.

I’m super tired! Today, I had guitar and singing lessons, and tomorrow I have dance! UGH! Then track! O well. SOOO tired, gonna hit the hay, nite!

I luv Allen like a whale luvs the ocean – it can’t live without each other.

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